5 Top Traffic Sources For Your Site

5 Top Traffic Sources For Your Site

Search engine optimization is a technical process. So hiring a company for the optimization of the online business is a great deal. Most of the companies use in-house SEO experts for their search engine optimization but hiring an independent SEO expert is best option, because an independent SEO company is always up-to-date with the sudden changes in optimization process. But there are many factors that must be considered while selecting an SEO company. Because the basics of every SEO services provider remain the same, including bloging, website development, forum makings etc etc. there are many techniques used in the process of optimizing the website to the higher rankings of the search engines like Google.

A great way to keep your customers interested is to have an email list. Offer a free eBook or something in exchange for their email address. Then send them useful articles a couple times a week. This will prove essential to your marketing later on down the road. Building a solid email list is considered crucial to your success.

Remember, the search engines are NOT stupid. The guys writing algorithms to measure this sort of stuff are A LOT smarter than the online marketing guru who swears he’s got the secret…and will share it with you on 12 DVD’s for a few thousand dollars.

Your marketing strategy needs to have a set goal and specific strategies to niche your goals. Traditional marketing appeals for masses and it requires a huge sum of money and time. If you are able to locate your niche, or people those who are interested in what you are offering and target them. This way you will increase your ROI by increasing your conversion rate and will also be able to crosscut your expenditure by not appealing to the people who do not need your products or services. You would always want to spend your marketing energy on people who want what you have.

How do you get your sites indexed in the first place? Submitting your sites using the Google submission page is outdated. Most major search engines now crawl sites from incoming links found in other sites. So how do you get links on other sites pointing to your sites?

SEO: Search Engine Optimization. This is where you conform your website to be friendly with search engines via keyword placement, unique content, and links pointing to your site. SEO can be tricky as things always seem to be changing and you have to change with them meaning your websites content is moving around to conform to the new algorithms and such.

Good Content: you should make sure that the content that you put up on your website is unique enough that it is not found anywhere else and the web traffic that is diverted your way would be satisfied by the quality of work that it is looking for.

It works but at a price – the discounts have reduced his margins, the data list costs a fortune and offers rapidly diminishing returns, and the hard sell seems to upset more people than it converts!

These are very important questions you will have to address before you can start dreaming of hugh AdSense earnings fast. However, you can go the slow route and build good, unique content sites that will last longer and earn you revenue for long time even after AdSense craze has died down. But this will take you years to do.

Finally, there are dozens of web directories that will accept your articles. Most will not pay, but once again you can create back links to your website. Once your article is on these directories, your article will be downloaded by other website owners looking for content on their own sites. With back links in every article and hundreds of your articles on these directories, the potential to create traffic to your site is enormous.

Another great way to get high valued backlinks is to submit articles to directories. If you’re writing content for your blog, then add that same article to one of the many article directories. These directories will allow you to add in your link back to your website.

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